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2017 is the Year Call Centers Should Adopt WebRTC

Providing true Omni-channel customer experience represents a real challenge for contact centers today. It requires not only meeting customers where they are – live chat, mobile, email, phone and more – but also being prepared to efficiently and effectively serve them there. Enter Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC), browser-based technology that enables applications such as video conferencing, file transfer, chat, or desktop sharing without the need of either internal or external plugins. SingleComm, which provides inbound and outbound multichannel customer engagement services to contact centers, is already familiar with the technology, having worked with WebRTC since 2011. In the last six years, SingleComm has facilitated tens of millions of contact center interactions using WebRTC. Because WebRTC users don’t have to download special software or use the same client or browser plug-in to communicate directly with each other, it can be especially beneficial for contact center use. Now is the time for contact centers to seriously consider adoption of contact center software that uses WebRTC for agent interactions.

WebRTC is Mature

Now supported by most modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and more, WebRTC has grown up to become increasingly popular. WebRTC is no longer a fringe or advanced development technology. Many major services currently use it, and have run many millions of interactions through WebRTC. Examples of products that use WebRTC include the SingleComm contact center platform, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and dozens of other enterprise systems. These companies use WebRTC because the protocol makes sense. Recently, Amazon announced availability of their hosted call center software application – AWS Connect. AWS Connect uses WebRTC to deliver calls to agents.

The Price is Right

WebRTC is free for your contact center agents; there are no software licensing fees or hard phone costs, and computer requirements are minimal. Agents simply need a computer operating a compatible browser, microphone, headset and a network connection. Considering that your agents likely already have computers at their desks, your incremental cost to use WebRTC is simply the cost of a cheap headset. This means that WebRTC can drastically reduce the cost of adding new agents.

Keeping It Simple

Many legacy contact center applications include hard or soft phones that must be registered with the application. Plus, either a wired or SIP connection must be established. These connections can be complex, and often require a network engineer to ensure the settings are properly established. A properly configured WebRTC application makes these headaches obsolete because an agent station simply needs a compatible browser that has WebRTC media enabled (a simple button click or two) and a reliable network connection. Configuring an agent station to make and take calls using WebRTC is drop dead simple. What’s more, upgrades and updates are similarly easy. The agent accesses the most recent version of the call center software application each time they log on.

Reliability and Performance

WebRTC performance and reliability are similar to that of traditional softphones or landlines. Based on our years of experience handling WebRTC interactions, SingleComm is able to deliver high quality audio to agent browsers even in environments with sub-standard Internet service providers and less than ideal network configurations. SingleComm publishes and regularly updates guides to configure and test network connection to ensure that agents using the SingleComm application enjoy high-quality audio connections with their customers.

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