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How Real-time Information Can Impact Customer Experience

When a customer calls, chances are it’s not to list all the ways he is satisfied with your product and/or service. Let’s face it, most calls are from people who are looking for information, or are upset or unhappy for any number of reasons. The first few moments of any call are critical for setting the tone not only for the interaction, but also the customer’s overall experience with your company. Not having correct and meaningful customer information can make every second of the call feel like an eternity – for both the agent and the customer. "A good example we are all familiar with is when a customer has to repeat and spell his or her name several times throughout the call. It makes the interaction seem very dis-jointed," says Ross Krisel, EVP of Sales and Marketing for SingleComm. SingleComm has integrated with Next Caller in order make those first critical minutes of a call as seamless as possible. "Having a more complete picture of your customer the moment you interact with them makes everyone happier," says Tim Prugar with Next Caller. "We add confidence and clarity to your customer engagements."

How it Works

When a customer calls your contact center, SingleComm matches the phone number with your customer data and up to 50 Next Caller data insights. The resulting enhanced profiles are then delivered in real-time. Within a few hundred milliseconds, customer information including name, phone number, email and other relevant data, populates the CRM and pops on an agent’s screen. By the time the agent says "Hello," he or she knows who the caller is. "A more complete picture of the person calling allows your agents to confidently identify opportunities and speak with prospects and customers in a more meaningful, effortless way," says Prugar.

The Results

Providing this kind of preemptive customer experience does several things: first, it eliminates the frustrations that can occur in the beginning of a call. When that friction is removed, you have more satisfied customers with better experiences. In turn, agents report greater job satisfaction, which helps to increase retention. At the same time, efficiencies are increased because calls are now shorter by 30 seconds to a minute. The resulting additional customer data can also be leveraged in different ways, such as increasing efficiency on the front end of the call, or to route calls to the appropriate department or agent. Perhaps most importantly, the information can be used to enrich existing CRM data. "Sometimes having an incomplete picture of your customer is more frustrating than not knowing anything at all," says Prugar. With access to enhanced customer data – provided in real time – it’s important for companies to have a clear strategy and purpose for its use so customers don’t feel their information has been misused. "We have the belief that the best customer experiences are ones the customer isn’t even aware are happening," says Prugar. "The world’s most successful brands are able to deliver an experience that feels personalized without necessarily being explicitly personalized."

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