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5 Benefits of Contact Center Reporting

Whether in-bound, out-bound or blended, comprised of 250 seats or 12 agents, contact centers of all types can benefit from the intelligence gathered by sound reporting, allowing you to quickly locate flaws in processes and improve the quality of services provided. In the past, it was easy for many improvement opportunities to slide through the cracks at contact centers because management on the floor had access to a limited amount of information. The result was only escalated situations such as customer complaints and outages would raise an alert. Today, through the use of solutions like those offered by SingleComm, successful centers can monitor and review performance from multiple perspectives including customers, agents and business owners in order to keep operations running at peak performance. Here are five of the top benefits good contact center reporting can provide:

Discover Inefficiencies

Business owners and managers understand the fastest way to positively impact the bottom line is to find efficiencies wherever possible. Desktop and speech analytics can shine a light on areas of improvement. For example, desktop analytics allows centers to view any desktop activity an agent takes while on a call. In this way, you can help ensure agents are using their systems most effectively, and that the systems themselves are functioning as they should. Analyzing these types of reports can also help centers improve processes by identifying and removing redundant tasks, thus decreasing the call handle time that can frustrate customers and agents alike. Speech analytics can provide similar benefits. Analysts monitoring calls in real time can make process improvements and develop better systems to help agents achieve desired call outcomes.

A View from the Customer’s Perspective

Today’s consumers engage with companies through multiple channels, including email, messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and other text-centered options. One of the challenges presented by the omni channel is how to monitor massive amounts of both out-bound and in-bound communications. Text analytics can review and monitor not only the messages sent to customers, but also the message they are sending to the company, which is vital in order to identify any potential issues through the customer lens.

Learning from the Past

Predictive analytics makes it possible to examine past performance of things like call volume, service level, handle time, and customer satisfaction in order to find solutions to potential future problems. For example, predictive analytics can help plan for additional agents on holidays or how a new product rollout will affect call volume. By analyzing past results, companies can plan and strategize for the future.

Offer self-service channels

Customers are warming up to the idea of self-service. In fact, according to Forrester, 72 percent of customers prefer using self-service support rather than phone or email support. For businesses, offering self-service options such as being able to change an address via a website rather than a phone call, can mean reduced costs. What’s more, self-service analytics tools require minimal human involvement.

Improve the customer experience

In order to provide more personal customer service, centers have to understand what channels customers are using at any given moment. For example, a real-time script update can alert an agent to the fact that a customer uses online banking tools. With this information, the agent can then suggest to the customer how he can use the tools to solve problems in the future. By implementing a variety of analytics, contact centers can better understand not only their own businesses, but also the needs of their customers as well. To learn more about how your company can benefit from robust reporting tools, contact SingleComm for a free demo today.

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