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3 Steps to Ensure a Successful Software Implementation

In order to continue to grow your business in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s imperative to have technology systems in place that can provide the most efficiencies at the lowest cost. Although much attention is given to how to choose the software that’s right for your business, it’s actually the process that comes after that – the implementation – that can make or break a new system’s success. In 2013, an Innotas report revealed that 50 percent of businesses surveyed had experienced an IT project failure within the previous 12 months. Three years later, those numbers had actually increased; the 2016 Project and Portfolio Management Survey revealed 55 percent of respondents reported they had a project fail, up from 32 percent in 2014. By following some basic best-practices for implementation success, you can avoid being part of these harrowing statistics.

Planning and Goal Setting

As with any major project, strategic planning is essential. This step really begins when you have chosen a technology provider and includes defining project parameters, must-have’s and critical success factors. Other elements of the implementation plan may include: finalizing the business case and determining the true cost of ownership; identifying gaps between requirements and system capabilities; defining custom configuration requirements; detailing organizational communications and training; assessing change impacts; completing data migration strategies; identifying resource requirements; and developing transition and go-live strategies. Hand-in-hand with planning is goal setting. You need to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, what problems you want to solve and how success will be measured. By communicating reasonable goals and demonstrating small successes early and frequently, you can gain buy-in from stakeholders.

Executive Participation

A crucial step in any successful implementation process is assembling a team that will champion the new system. Take time to identify key resources and establish a project steering committee that includes the project manager, project sponsor, project management office (PMO) and senior managers who are vested in the success of the project. Early in the process – ideally while you are evaluating and choosing a vendor – identify an executive sponsor. This C-level administrator will promote the project and communicate its benefits to everyone within the organization. In addition to executives, it’s important to get buy-in from the new system’s end users early and often as well.

The Right Technology Partner

You can avoid much of the stress and anxiety that can accompany a technology implementation by partnering with an experienced service provider who understands your business. For example, Beachbody is billion-dollar health and wellness company that creates revolutionary products like P90X®, INSANITY®, CIZE®, and Shakeology®. After evaluating and testing several contact center solutions, the company chose to partner with SingleComm to provide greater efficiencies and drive revenue growth with its dynamic script builder. As with every client, SingleComm worked alongside the Beachbody team to ensure every aspect of implementation was covered. “We needed a provider who understood the direct response space and was very responsive,” says Lee Swanson, Beachbody Senior Vice President of Telemarketing. “And that is exactly what the SingleComm team is all about.” The implementation process of any new system can be daunting, with many moving parts and contingencies to consider. SingleComm provides training and support not only during implementation, but long afterward in order to ensure clients fully utilize and optimize their customer engagement solutions. Schedule a free demo today to see how, like Beachbody, you can leverage SingleComm’s industry expertise and innovative tools to propel your business to the next level of success.

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