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Better than Real-Time Data: Real-Time Decision Making

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For decades, companies have realized the benefits of mining data in order to make business-critical decisions: things like how many units were sold, how many customers called about a specific issue, even the times of day social media posts are most successful. Today businesses have more data than ever, thanks to omni channel communications and the Internet of Things. And, when utilized appropriately, this data can further guide strategies, plans and forecasts for the future.

Although this kind of historical perspective will always have its place, the same technology that makes real-time data and analytics possible can also power real-time business decisions. For example, SingleComm tools not only allow clients to see how a particular script is performing across multiple contact centers, but also the ability to make on-the-fly changes in order to increase success.

SingleComm clients utilize real-time data and analytics to help drive business success, including:

  • Routing calls to more experience agents, or those who have specialty knowledge
  • Determining which script is leading to more sales and instantly move agents to it
  • Implementing split testing with different scripts and script combinations to determine which is most effective
  • Creating up-to-the-minute reports that reveal trends during different hours of the day or days of the week
  • Alerting supervisors and other leaders of problems or trends
  • Providing agents with instant feedback for training and improvement

By providing real-time analytics hand-in-hand with the ability to make real-time decisions, SingleComm provides clients full, 360-degree control over their business success. Improvements and adjustments that in the past would have been made in hind-sight and only implemented during future campaigns can now be made in order to affect current operating conditions.

For more information on how you can harness real-time technology to grow your business, contact us today.

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