Singlecomm Testimonial

Coming to the Aid of AnswerAide

The challenge

AnswerAide offers startups and large companies top-of-the-line
BPO virtual receptionists and insurance services for customers
at every stage of business. The company needed a Telephone
Answering Service software that would decrease agent setup
time, improve quality control, and make their sales process more
consistent. With 90% of their agents remote, AnswerAide also
needed a solution that would enable them to avoid VPN setup,
software installation, and manual management.

The solution

SingleComm answered the call with the industry’s only cloudbased Telephone Answering Service solution. Our powerful, innovative cloud contact center software provided the help that AnswerAid needed to increase customer satisfaction and boost agent efficiencies, while optimizing setup and management. Tools included scripting software, omnichannel communications, and business intelligence with built-in quality control.

The results

SingleComm’s revolutionary TAS solution reduced agent training time by an entire day. This rapid-agent setup time allowed AnswerAid to train agents on a single system, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on annual agent training costs. These changes ultimately improved customer satisfaction and gave the company the opportunity to scale their business.

Get the whole story. Watch the interview with AnswerAide’s CEO & Founder. Then help yourself to the industry’s only cloudnative TAS solution with omnichannel communications, from the company that offers the ultimate virtual call center software.


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