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During these uncertain times, we are doing our part to help you to support your customers with 90 Days FREE.

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  • Deliver the same great agent experience at home as in the contact center.
  • Near zero training and ramp-up time for changes and new campaigns.
  • Reduce AHT (average handle time) by at least 15%.
  • Create a consistent customer experience that protects your Quality Assurance KPIs.

A Proven Track Record

“With no on-site training classes possible, we’re still launching new customer campaigns every week.” - BPO: Irvine
“SingleComm’s guided agent/customer workflows ensure that our at-home agents provide a consistent customer experience.” - National Brand: Boston
“Even with COVID-19, our SLAs require that we meet our Quality Assurance KPIs, and SingleComm workflows make that possible.” - Enterprise Client: Austin

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  • Offer Expires June 15, 2020

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