About Us

SingleComm is a software startup based in Richmond Virginia. Our fabulous investors are based in New York City. SingleComm was founded in 2015 to commercialize contact center technology developed on behalf of a Richmond-based contact center. The contact center, like many other contact centers, did work as an outsourcer on behalf of a number of clients. They needed a way to onboard, test, deploy and improve new client campaigns quickly and without expensive software development costs.

SingleComm provided the solution — an easy way to build, test, deploy and iterate on contact center workflows. That solution was the genesis of SingleComm’s CX Create, CX Flow and CX Explore tools that are now offered in conjunction with the Amazon Connect Agent Desktop with Dynamic Guided Interactions as well as the Mitel MiVoice Business SingleComm Integration. We continue to refine the tools and release new product integrations … all with the objective of improving agent and customer interactions.

Our offices are located in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood of Richmond — an area that has been recognized as the City of Richmond’s fastest growing neighborhood. Our employees love our location which is filled with exciting restaurants, breweries and entertainment options.

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