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Discover the state-of-the-art platform that is guaranteed to explode sales and radically improve customer engagement -- using your existing contact center platform (whether its a Mitel MiVoice Business, Amazon Connect, Genesys or other platform).

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Give your agents the tools they need to make every interaction perfect

Inbound and outbound, SingleComm’s easy to use CX tools empower your agents to achieve better retention, increased conversion, and "wow-factor" consumer satisfaction. Your agents can more easily provide a consistent consumer experience -- even with reduced agent training and ramp-up time.

CX Create

SingleComm's visual desktop builder employs a node-based interface to allow users to drag and drop elements into easy-to-manage workflows. Easily build highly dynamic flows and interaction experiences - without code.


CX Flow

By dynamically placing the conversation flows, FAQs, upsells, rebuttals and other resources in front of agents exactly when they need them, agents are able to handle consumers exactly as you want them handled.


CX Explore

Business Intelligence made simple. CX Explore lets non-technical users easily build reports and dashboards on demand, or schedule them to be delivered (by email, JSON, sFTP, etc.).


Radical Customer Experience

CX Create

Easily build and deploy highly dynamic flows, desktops, and shopping carts — without coding. Integrate your flows with third party services (such as, Zapier, Mailchimp, etc.) -- without coding.

CX Flow

Deploy your dynamic flows to your existing contact center software so that your agents are presented with the right flow at the right time. Agents have all the information they need to handle each interaction they way you want it handled.

CX Explore

Empower your users to build dashboards and reports that include telephony and other data from your contact center platform merged with interaction data showing exactly what happened in the interaction between your agent and the consumer.

Empower your agents. Delight your consumers.

Knowledgeable and empowered agents lead to better consumer interactions. Interactions that delight your consumers.

Empower Your Agents

Save your agents time and training by dynamically placing the conversation flows, FAQs, upsells, rebuttals and other resources in front of your agents exactly when and where they need them.

Reduce Training Time

Give your agents the information they need in a unified desktop experience that reduces or eliminates the need to navigate between multiple applications. Agents can immediately take calls as experts, as your dynamic flows can walk them through the perfect experience.

Integrations, Simplified

Give your agents the data they need when they need it. Easily integrate with third party applications to insert information into the flow. Its just as easy to get data out of a flow you create so that your CRM or other systems are updated based on each interaction.

Supercharge your Analytics

Your reporting insight should not be limited to what your contact center application provides. Supercharge your ability to manage your contact center by merging your contact center telephony data with your agent/consumer interaction data.

Contact Center Rave Reviews

Beachbody, Inc.

SingleComm’s scripting tool was easy to use from the very start. We were able to take our script creation, test and deployment process to multiple contact centers down from 6-8 weeks to only 3 days without the need for developers- thus increasing our ROI and sales.

Push Innovation Live

SingleComm has gone above and beyond to help us manage our campaigns successfully, something I’ve never experienced with other VCC solutions.

Upgrade your contact center.

See how SingleComm CX can work with your existing contact center software to transform your agent / consumer experience.