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SingleComm wasn’t just made for contact centers by contact center professionals. Our advanced contact center solution was also made for the healthcare industry. In addition to our Enhanced Omnichannel, drag-and-drop Workflow builder, and real-time reporting suite, SingleComm helps healthcare companies achieve healthy growth and scale with enrollment periods through customizations and integrations. Learn about our virtual healthcare call center software features for scheduling, patient history, HIPAA compliance, central reporting, and more. Discover how we humanize the healthcare journey for patients and optimize interactions for agents.

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare software contact center

HIPAA Compliant

Ensure HIPAA compliance during every call, while empowering agents to take the very best care of every caller. With the ability to securely access, capture, and transmit data, agents can easily adhere to government regulations, allowing them to seamlessly interact with patients and provide insightful, empathetic, high-touch interactions.


HIPAA secure information

Secure Lock

HIPAA secure data capture and transmission


SinglePane interface to reduce distractions and provide better engagement


Seamless patient journeys

Healthcare software contact center

Complete Patient Journey

Patients are more than a collection of symptoms. And interactions should be more than a series of actions. With powerful, customized agent workflows, agents can serve each patient’s multiple needs simultaneously, including appointment scheduling, data retrieval, payments, and more to create a truly a caring experience.

Healthcare software contact center


One-stop patient interactions

Time Calendar

Appointment scheduling


Information updates

Secure Browser

Payment capture

best call center software

Communication Trees

Unite communications to keep the focus where it belongs: on patients. Our healthcare call center software communication trees provide an easy, automatic way to schedule appointments, disseminate recurring notices, send out reminders, and more.

Time Calendar

Appointment scheduling




Appointment reminders

call center tools

Secure Payments

Our drag-and-drop, no-coding IVR Builder not only allows agents to modify workflows without IT resources, it also shields sensitive information, allowing for the ultimate in secure payments. It’s just one more way our healthcare call center solution allows you to help patients feel better at every step in their healthcare journey.

call center tools
Secure Lock

Silent Pay to protect sensitive data

Secure Check

HIPAA compliant


Drag-and-drop builds without the need for IT resources

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SingleComm App Store

The SingleComm App Store gives you access to all the apps you need in one convenient location. Drag and drop hundreds of third-party application integrations into your agent workflows, then customize them using the Integration Wizard. Agents no longer need to jump from tab-to-tab or application-to-application to get the resources they need to maximize efficiency and customer engagement.

healthcare call center solution

Easy access to hundreds of applications

healthcare call center solution

Drag-and-drop ease

healthcare call center solution

Customization via the Integration Wizard

healthcare call center solution

SinglePane interface

Agent Friendly User Interface

Give call and contact center agents the freedom to customize their desktop with light or dark mode, preferred palette, and more across all devices at home, in the contact center, or on the go.


Customizable desktop


Light and dark mode options


Palette choices

Multiple Device

Applicable across all devices in all locations

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