From mass tort intake to massive time savings, 
meet the ultimate legal assistant.

You work hard. Your business calling software should return the favor.  As the industry’s most powerful calling platform, we help attorneys manage mass tort intake, optimize client communications, and transform leads into clients with unparalleled efficiency and customized tools.


Omnichannel communications including voice, email, text, social, and apps


Fully integrated with your case management system


Automatic document send, tracking and esignature


 Customizable, intelligent dynamic intake


Customizable lead scoring, qualification, and routing

AI-powered mass tort intake

Save time. Grow business. Conduct mass tort intake at scale with the system that automatically prioritizes and qualifies leads according to your firm’s specifications while integrating seamlessly with your practice’s CRM to nurture leads and manage cases. 

AI-powered mass tort intake


Lead management, prioritization, call-capping, and skills routing


Skill or round-robin-based routing


Scalable to handle any quantity of leads

Fully integrated omnichannel communications

SingleComm’s omnichannel platform was built from the ground up to enable communication from any channel from a single interface.


True omnichannel, including social and apps


SinglePane unified desktop interface


Automated responses and actions

The only true cloud telephone answering service platform

In addition to offering the only true cloud platform with fully integrated communication channels, SingleComm enables you and your colleagues to answer client communications anywhere.

Schedule Call

Automated dispatching with calendar and on-call


Automated appointment reminders


Automated send 
and receive acknowledgments


Portable and flexible

Trusted data

Our real-time reporting suite offers visibility into what goes on in every call so you can see real performance metrics and where to improve.


Unfiltered for true insights


Consolidated omnichannel routing metrics and agent-customer interactions data


Automatic report delivery via email, FTP, or dashboards via Excel, .csv, charts, etc.


No programming required

SingleTrust security

We safeguard your data according to global guidelines and regulations and adhere to rigorous compliance standards to maintain certifications with HIPPA, PCI/DSS and SOC2. From data privacy and integrity to protection from hacking, you’re safe with SingleComm–and so is your customers’ sensitive data.

Secure Check

Silent Pay to protect sensitive data

HIPAA compliant

HIPAA compliant

PCI/SO2 certified

PCI/SO2 certified


No IT resources required

It’s your call.

Whether you want to optimize mass tort intake at scale or manage client communications more effectively than ever before, choose SingleComm. We not only have deep roots in the contact center industry, but also serve many well-known law firms and major government agencies.

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