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At SingleComm, we serve you so you can serve customers better, more efficiently and with fewer frustrations. Our 100% AI-compatible platform and highly customizable call center tools help you achieve higher customer satisfaction, larger AOV, and lower AHT, all while decreasing agent training time. Who says you can’t have it all?

Discover how our virtual call center tools customize your best customer/agent experience.

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Voice and Omnichannel ACD

Today, speaking your customers’ language includes talking to them on their favorite channels. Our robust voice and omnichannel ACD lets agents communicate according to customer preference, even on social media and popular apps. With our SinglePane unified agent desktop, agents no longer have to jump from screen-to-screen or app-to-app to access the information they need. With SingleComm, it’s one and done.


TCPA-compliant dialing

Multiple Device

True omnichannel, including social and apps


SinglePane unified desktop


Time-savings for agents, improved interactions for customers

workforce management call center

Custom Agent Workflows

Take the work out of workflows. Build and launch custom campaigns in days instead of weeks with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface that requires no IT resources and delivers optimal customer experiences. Whether you’re building a simple workflow or something more complex, you can make changes on the fly and get your message out faster, better and more economically than ever before. It’s the singular solution for extraordinary customer service.

workforce management call center

Drag-and-drop interface–no-coding builds


SOC2– and PCI-certified


Exceptional speed to market


Dynamic and customizable

call center system

Multivariate Testing

Why guess when you can test? Know what’s working (and what isn’t) by testing multiple price points, offers, scripts and more in real time with our powerful, built-in split testing tool. Change allocations in an instant. Regulate call and communication volume at the touch of a button. Get immediate results and optimize for higher conversions, better retention, lower AHT and more. Put your contact center to the test.

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Built-in tool, no IT resources needed


A/B test pricing/SKUs


Industry’s most connecting reporting


Call volume/communication weighting

contact center workforce management

Customizable Reporting and Dashboards

Get your reports your way. Analyze performance and enhance engagement with customizable reporting and dashboards. Whether you choose from dozens of pre-built options or build your own in a flash with our easy drag-and-drop tool, you can partition reports for individual employees and clients, tailor measures and dimensions, choose how and when reports are delivered, and more. There’s no more robust, customizable reporting solution on the market. And no better way to begin improving outcomes.

contact center workforce management

Drag-and-drop customization


Powerful built-in integrations


Report delivery options


Partitioned reports

hosted call center solutions

Skill/Group-Based Routing

Our call center tools boost efficiency and performance. Case in point: Our software allows contact centers to put the right agents in the right place at the right time. Use skill- and group-based routing to route calls, emails, and SMS messages to top agents first.


Skill routing for optimal interactions


Phone call, email, and SMS routing


Outcome enhancement

cloud call center software app

SingleComm App Store

The SingleComm App Store gives you access to all the apps you need in one convenient location. Drag and drop hundreds of third-party application integrations into your agent workflows, then customize them using the Integration Wizard. Agents no longer need to jump from tab-to-tab or application-to-application to get the resources they need to maximize efficiency and customer engagement.

cloud call center software app

Easy access to hundreds of applications


Drag-and-drop ease


Customization via the Integration Wizard


SinglePane interface

contact center software

Agent Friendly User Interface

Give contact center agents the freedom to customize their desktop with light or dark mode, preferred palette, and more across all devices at home, in the contact center, or on the go.


Customizable desktop


Light and dark mode options


Palette choices

Multiple Device

Applicable across all devices in all locations

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