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contact center solution


Workflow for your call center.

Make every agent an expert agent.

Reduce agent training and campaign launch timeframes. Manage the experience across companies and continents. Improve the customer journey. In addition, Singlecomm’s call center workflow system offers dynamic, customized communication flows, that can be built by non-technical users via an intuitive drag and drop interface.

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contact center solution


  • Campaign-specific FAQs
  • Conditional logic settings
  • Field validity controls
  • Data mirroring
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Shopping cart with multi-pay plans
  • Embed websites or other applications
  • Remote control via APIs
  • Expansive library of integrations
  • Scripting
  • Real-time updates 
  • Hundreds of field and input options

Here’s how it works.

cloud contact center software

  • Step #1 Visualize your flow

First, use our drag-and-drop tools to allow users to graphically design and implement communication flows instantly with a click, instead of coding.

  • Step #2 Create your flow

Next, building your own flow has never been easier: simply drag slides onto the graph, and connect the arrows. Then, easily build and deploy highly dynamic flows, desktops, and shopping carts without coding.

  • Step #3 Built-in logic control

Third, you can seamlessly add logic layers into your communication flow with overall intuitive control tools.

  • Step #4 Specialized field creation

Lastly, customize your workflows with scripting, radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdowns for an easy, continuous navigation experience that your agents and customers will notice significantly.

Step #1 Visualize Your Flow

Drag and drop tools allow users to graphically design and implement communication flows without coding.

Step #2 Create Your Own Flow

Building your own flow is easy: simply click the graph to start a new slide and connect the arrow. Easily build and deploy highly dynamic flows, desktops, and shopping carts without coding.

Step #3 Built-in Logic Control

Seamlessly add logic layers into your communication flow with intuitive control tools.

Step #4 Specialized Field Creation

Customize scripts with radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdowns for an easy navigation experience your agents and consumers will notice
cloud call center software

SingleComm Analytics

Analytics for your contact center.

Business intelligence that lives up to the name.

By combining in-session agent-customer data with ACD data, Analytics seamlessly links all customer interactions to produce a holistic, real-time view of the customer journey. Subsequently, this highly customizable call center system offers insightful analysis that helps you uncover key metrics, leverage opportunities and maximize performance.

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  • Consolidated information for multi-center and cross-channel insights
  • Real-time, customizable dashboards and reports
  • Permission-based access lets you determine who sees what
  • End-user distribution capabilities include email, sFTP, S3, and webhook
  • Easily schedule, download, and distribute data, including call recordings and session history
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Data visualization options with one click
Call Center System


ACD for your contact center.

The ultimate automated contact distributor.

As a leader in WebRTC since 2012 and with 50MM+ WebRTC interactions to date, we have the experience and expertise to build the ultimate overall contact center platform. Moreover, Singlecomm offers highly scalable ACD solution can be used for voice, chat, SMS, and email by WFH and in-center agents anywhere in the world.

By and large, ACD gives you the tools, benefits, and features you need to delight customers — and your CFO.

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Call Center System

ACD features

  • PCI certified, SOC 2 certified, and HIPAA compliant
  • Skills-based, rank-based, and percentage allocation routing
  • Integrated QA management
  • DTMF and spoken language IVRs
  • SilentPay: customer-entered credit card info
  • Multi-center (parent-child) support for large organizations
  • Agent-supervisor chat and email
  • Integrated agent resource library and agent campaign training

Our ACD also offers:

  • Voice and data through a single browser
  • Multi-channel support (voice, chat, SMS, email)
  • Program/campaign management
  • Agent management
  • Numbers management
  • Source assignment management
  • Call and voicemail recordings, and transcription
  • Real-time monitoring, agent whisper, and agent takeover for supervisors
  • Outbound preview and power dial with DNC support
  • Outbound predictive dial with voicemail detection via integration
  • Screen capture via integration
  • Rules-based IVRs routing, including callbacks and data-dips
  • Permissions-based visibility and access to modules
  • Automated QA (AQA) via integration

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