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LOEB.NYC and SingleComm


Michael Loeb SingleComm

Michael Loeb

Rich Vogel with SingleComm

Rich Vogel

Michael Puccinelli SingleComm

Michael Puccinelli

SingleComm is powered by Loeb.NYC, the early-stage venture lab led by famed veteran entrepreneurs Michael Loeb (Founder) and Rich Vogel (COO & CFO). Loeb.NYC incubates, builds, funds, markets and grows ideas that have the potential to become household names. Ideas like SingleComm. 

SingleComm is led by the company’s founder and CEO, Michael Puccinelli. Prior to co-Founding SingleComm in 2014, Michael founded CUORE, which provides outsourced BPO services for direct-to-consumer marketers, healthcare companies and subscription-based marketers. He was also on the founding executive team for EverDrive Synapse Group where he held operational responsibilities for the company’s telephony assets. 

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