Call center tools to supercharge the customer/agent experience.

Ready for more customer satisfaction, less agent burnout, faster campaign deployment, and major cost savings, all with a SinglePane interface? Then you’re ready for SingleComm’s powerful virtual call center software. Designed to supercharge the customer/agent experience, these features are part of SingleComm’s 100% AI-compatible, cloud-native calling software for call centers.

See why we’re known as the most powerful, affordable virtual call center software.

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Enhanced Omnichannel

Our SinglePane unified desktop gives agents a single inbox for multiple channels. Use Skills Based Routing to easily blend agents across voice, email, SMS, chat, and social channels. Give agents what they need–where and when they need it–with our SinglePane interface to provide exceptional interactions and communicate according to customer preference. Manage agent performance in real time with robust cross-channel reporting. See how our Enhanced Omnichannel lives up to the name.


Omnichannel to communicate according to customer preference

Multiple Device

Greater visibility with all channels under one ACD


SinglePane unified communications

Visual IVR Builder

Visual IVR Builder

Use our drag-and-drop, no-coding IVR Builder to modify workflows, shield sensitive PII, PCI, and HIPAA information from representatives, and accelerate read-back verification with our unique AI in-call transcription. This powerful PCI- SO2-certified tool allows agents to easily change pricing and SKUs on the fly without a programmer, saving time, money, and hassles. Just one more reason we’re the ultimate software for your contact center.

Visual IVR Builder

Drag-and-drop builds without the need for IT resources

Secure Lock

Silent Pay to protect sensitive data


PCI- and SO2-certified


AI in-call transcription for accelerated read-backs

Multivariate Testing

Why guess when you can test? Know what’s working (and what isn’t) by testing multiple price points, offers, scripts and more in real time with our powerful, built-in split testing tool. Change allocations in an instant. Weight call and communication volume at the touch of a button. Get immediate results and optimize for higher conversions, better retention, lower AHT and more. Put your contact center to the test.


Built-in tool, no IT resources needed


A/B test pricing/SKUs


Industry’s most connecting reporting


Call volume/communication weighting

Customizable Call Center Reporting and Dashboards

Want to drive more customer delight? Get data-driven insights. Our customizable reporting and dashboards allow you to analyze performance and enhance engagement more easily than ever before. Choose from dozens of pre-built options or build your own with our easy drag-and-drop tool. Partition reports for individual employees and clients, tailor measures and dimensions, and choose how and when reports are delivered. Use the QA module to customize peer-to-peer evaluations and standardize QA modes across multiple departments for consistency. Better data–and more engagement–begins here.


Drag-and-drop customization


Powerful built-in integrations


Report delivery options


QA module with ability to standardize modes across departments

SingleComm App Store

SingleComm App Store

The SingleComm App Store gives you access to all the apps you need in one convenient location. Drag and drop hundreds of third-party application integrations into your agent workflows, then customize them using the Integration Wizard. Agents no longer need to jump from tab-to-tab or application-to-application to get the resources they need to maximize efficiency and customer engagement.


Easy access to hundreds of applications


Drag-and-drop ease


Customization via the Integration Wizard


SinglePane interface


Agent Friendly User Interface

Give call and contact center agents the freedom to customize their desktop with light or dark mode, preferred palette, and more across all devices at home, in the contact center, or on the go.


Customizable desktop


Light and dark mode options


Palette choices

Multiple Device

Applicable across all devices in all locations

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