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SingleComm is the industry’s leading telephone answering service solution, period. As the industry’s first true cloud TAS platform and the only TAS platform with fully integrated voice and omni channels, business intelligence tools, customized scripting, and more, SingleComm answers the call for companies ready to take their TAS business to the next level. And the level after that.

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Agent Workflows with Scripting

Use customized messaging to help agents easily and confidently navigate scripts. Decrease agent training/ramp-up time. Get actionable data with the industry’s only field-level script reporting to reveal what customers are saying and buying. With the SingleComm SinglePane unified desktop, agents have what they need, when and where they need it–without having to jump from tab-to-tab or application-to-application. Add our powerful reporting, and you have the perfect script for success.


Dynamic, branded scripts


Drag-and-drop workflow builder–no IT resources required


SinglePane unified agent desktop


Powerful, real-time reporting


Rules-Based Dispatch

Eliminate errors and frustration caused by manually deciphering, and executing dispatching rules. Reduce average handle time by 20%. Schedule automated message delivery via email, SMS, secure messaging, fax, and phone to free up agents to do more of what they do best: offer your clients exceptional service.


Fully automated email, SMS, secure messaging, fax, and phone dispatching


Custom message templates specific for each client and channel


On-call management by AEs, agents and clients


Real-time reporting

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Integrated Voice & Omni Channels

Power success with the only TAS solution that offers a fully integrated suite of voice and omni channels, including web chat, two-way SMS, two-way email, social, and messaging channels. Create automated responses with a knowledge base that spans all channels, intelligent bots, and more. Grow your business by expanding offerings for existing clients and serving new clients.


Fully integrated suite of all digital channels


Automated responses


Knowledge spanning all channels

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Business Intelligence

Work smarter with the industry’s only business intelligence (BI) tool that offers custom reporting without the need for programmers. Get script insights. Access reports on dispatches and message acknowledgements. Deliver reports automatically via Excel, .csv, and charts and graphs.

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Integrated to report on all channels


No programming


Access dispatches and acknowledgements


Automatic report delivery

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Easy Migration

Dreading the idea of transferring your information to a new platform? Don’t. With SingleComm, you can upgrade to the leading TAS solution with proprietary migration tools that seamlessly work with your legacy systems. So you can move on to something better–faster.


Seamless transfers


Share contacts across clients


Integrations library with hundreds of CRMs, applications and services


Exceptional customer support

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