SingleComm vs. Startel: How SingleComm is the most complete TAS solution

SingleComm offers the best and most affordable one-of-a-kind TAS solution. The bottom line: SingleComm is the only TAS platform with fully integrated voice, omnichannel, scripting, and dispatch that does more for your business.

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How SingleComm separates itself from Startel.


Innovative cloud-native TAS solution

SingleComm stands alone by creating the first cloud-native TAS solution in the industry. While Startel’s recently introduced cloud web RTC, SingleComm’s decade-plus of experience means unmatched resilience, PCI, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance, and the ability to deploy remote agents with any device that connects to the web.


Web chat, two-way SMS, and more

SingleComm offers a fully integrated suite of omni/digital channels, including web chat, two-way SMS, two-way email, social, and messaging channels. Unlike Startel, SingleComm enables you to create automated responses spanning all channels, intelligent bots, and more.

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Save time and money with no IT

SingleComm saves money, as well as time, thanks to cloud-managed software updates with no downtime or costly IT resources, specialized BI reports without programming.

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True Cloud Architecture


Cloud Web RTC

For nearly a decade

True Cloud Pricing

Customized pricing based on your needs

Microsoft Server & SQL Software Managed in the Cloud

Cloud-managed software updates with no downtime

Microsoft SQL licensing included

Monthly updates

Requires IT services

~4x the cost to purchase & install

Integrated Voice & Omni Channels


Business Intelligence Tools

Standard & custom reports

Report on all agent script fields

Special report creation without professional services/SQL programmers

Auto delivery via excel, .csv or graphics

Standard and custom reports

No reporting on fields within scripts

Special reports require professional services/SQL programmers

SMS Campaigns


Robust Two-way Automated Emails

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Knowledge Base

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Reporting for All Voice & Omni Channels


SinglePane Interface for All Voice/Omni Channels

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Google My Business Messaging

Coming soon!

Stereo Recordings for AI Speech Analytics


Built-in Scorecards


Blended Agents


Rapid App Development


API Integrations

Self serve integration libraries with Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot & more

Requires costly professional services

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SingleComm makes everything easier

Get ready to do more with less. Powerful scripting, automated tools, blended agent efficiency, and business intelligence tools give your business more power. With cloud-based reliability, security, compliance, and efficiency, plus omnichannel communications, SingleComm’s TAS solution stands apart–so you can, too.

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Discover the best TAS solution

Discover the industry’s most affordable and complete TAS platform. Seamlessly transfer data, build script templates that can be cloned for all your verticals, and get up and running fast.

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