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Atlanta call center software for pros is SingleComm. An easy to use call center tool like ours could be part of the reason our city has become one of the top business destinations in the country. For example, imagine you’re an international company that wants to open up a new office or even move its headquarters here—you’re going to need some way of managing your call center sales team!  The question is: what kind of software do you need?


SingleComm is a free call center software that is cloud-based, multi-channel and customizable for small business. The SingleComm platform consists of four main areas:

  • Phone system – This is where you manage your phone numbers and extensions. You can also set up conference calls, voicemail boxes and even forward the incoming call to another extension in your organization if need be.
  • Call routing – This section handles how incoming calls are routed through the system once it has been answered by an agent or transferred from another department.
  • Agent desktop – From here agents can track their stats across all channels including voice, text messages and email inquiries as well as view notes left by customers who called in with questions or concerns about their orders/service requests
  • Reporting & Analytics – You’ll find vital information such as sales metrics (which products sell better than others) alongside sales trends over time with this feature which displays data visually via graphs so users don’t have to spend hours pouring over spreadsheets!

Atlanta, GA is one of the most populous cities in the United States. The median household income in Atlanta, GA is $66,657. In 2019, the place with the highest median household income in Atlanta, GA was Census Tract 97 with a value of $208,750, followed by Census Tract 102.06 and Census Tract 95.01, with respective values of $192,375 and $185,521.

The economy of Atlanta, GA employs 262k people. The largest industries in Atlanta are Telecom (121,480 people); Professional, Scientific & Technical Services (51,423 people); Educational Services (29,357 people); and Health Care & Social Assistance (23,198 people). The highest paying industries are Information ($86,684), Finance & Insurance ($83,359), and Professional Scientific & Technical Services ($82,272).

Atlanta’s best call center software is SingleComm

Call Center pros in Atlanta, Georgia are reducing operating costs, empower contact center agents, and increasing efficiencies with call center workforce management software by SingleComm. Our Atlanta call center solutions include:

  • Workforce Optimization Solutions – Optimize Call Center Staff Scheduling
  • Contact Center Solutions – Improve Agent Productivity
  • Mobile Workforce Management Solutions – Manage Remote Agents Easily

We hope you learned a lot about call center software and can apply this knowledge to your business. The best thing we can say? Do your research and ask questions! There are so many options out there, it’s important that you know what you need before making any decisions.

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