SingleComm Case Study

Argo: Answering the call to success.

The situation

Argo Contact Center delivers world-class solutions in BPO and CX for customers in healthcare, finance, retail, non-profit, direct response, travel and more. The 500-employee company, which serves 45 customers in the U.S. and Central America, had five primary goals:

  • Drive revenue growth
  • Create long-term customer relationships
  • Solve complex problems for customers
  • Expand into different technology solutions
  • Help customers improve NPS, drive revenue, and reduce costs

It also had goals specific to healthcare clients, including:

  • Ensuring HIPAA and SOCII compliance at every tech touch point
  • Offering PCI compliance
  • Providing EHR integration with Epic, Cerner, Athena and others
  • Managing the entire customer experience, including emerging telehealth care

Argo needed a contact center solution that could help them answer the call to do, be and achieve more.

call center reporting

The challenge

Argo wanted it all, a contact center solution that would:

  • Decrease agent training time
  • Provide A/B script and process testing for handle times, quality scores and more
  • Offer easy customization and templated reports
  • Maximize the customer experience
  • Provide security and industry compliance
  • Offer the ability to maximize NPS and minimize costs
  • Enable “non-call” work pre-call and post-call to boost value and quality
  • Deliver seamless integration with other platforms
  • Generate more revenue with faster customer lifecycles, improved billing and revenue cycle management, more efficient customer/patient onboarding and more
  • Support positive ratings, including those for governmental healthcare entities, such as Medicare and Medicaid

All at a low cost per seat and backed by service, commitment and integrity.


Not with SingleComm.

The solution

SingleComm offered an all-in-one solution that lived up to the name. Although Argo considered in-house and a la cart solutions, it chose to avoid the payroll costs of hiring and the hassles of inconsistent, outmoded “Frankenstein” platforms that result in inconsistent or non-existent reporting.

Instead, Argo put SingleComm’s three products to work:

  • Workflow
  • Analytics
  • ACD
contact center workforce management

The results

The Argo-SingleComm relationship has been exceptional. Not only did SingleComm provide singular value and unparalleled service, it helped Argo:

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce costs by 40%
  • Improve clients’ processes and decrease inefficiencies
  • Move into new enterprise verticals, including healthcare and finance
  • Develop a roadmap to future successes
  • Support immediate and long-term growth endeavors

SingleComm also helped Argo’s healthcare clients:

  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Become experts in their business
  • Increase procedure scheduling
  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Deliver proactive wellness solutions
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