SingleComm Case Study

Beachbody: Slimming time to market.

The situation

Beachbody is a billion-dollar company with a million dollar idea: to help people transform their lives (and their waistlines) through revolutionary health products like P90X®, INSANITY®, CIZE® and Shakeology®.

The company serves consumers through nearly a dozen contact centers, employing 75+ promotional scripts at any given time. Beachbody needed a solution that would:

  • Allow complete control over the scripting process
  • Quickly identify deficiencies
  • Enable the company to make fast, efficient changes to optimize time-to-market
Call center tools

The challenge

Beachbody’s script management challenge was amplified with new product roll-outs across multiple contact centers. The company was weighed down with:

  • Six week turnaround times for script changes
  • Management of hundreds of script versions across multiple contact centers, creating an inability to report on script effectiveness
  • Expense of paying outside programmers to make script changes

Beachbody needed to cut the fat and muscle up efficiencies.

The solution

Beachbody hired SingleComm for its unmatched direct response expertise, responsiveness and solutions. SingleComm’s Workflow tool offered:

  • Centralized real-time data for in-the-moment adjustments
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality
  • The ability to make changes across all platforms and any number of call centers simultaneously, significantly decreasing time-to-market
  • In-house script changes without expensive and time-consuming coding
call center solution

The results

With Workflow, Beachbody achieved brag-worthy results:

  • Scripting process time slashed from weeks to days
  • In-house script builds and modifications via simple, intuitive interface
  • Centralized script validation for reduced script implementation
  • No need for coding by programmers

Bottom line: Beachbody was able to save hundreds of thousands in lost revenue potential and programming costs, thanks to SingleComm’s singular solutions.

Beachbody Call Center Software Success

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