Singlecomm Testimonial

OceanX: Creating a sea change for opportunity

The challenge

OceanX partners with brands to deliver exceptional success. They needed a contact center that would do the same.

The challenge? Finding a single source that would allow the company to avoid using multiple telemarketing partners, which had led to slower processes, additional costs, minimal growth, and the inability to test and optimize.

The solution

SingleComm dove in to help, putting our all-in-one CCaaS solution to work. Our comprehensive platform, which includes custom reporting, real-time monitoring, and real-time results, delivered critical information, standout efficiencies, and timesaving solutions.

The results

These tools resulted in a sea change for OceanX’s efficiencies. Our platform cut OceanX’s end-to-end testing timeline from up to four weeks to less than one, and turned the company’s six month client onboarding process to just six weeks.

The partnership has gone swimmingly, improving OceanX’s customer satisfaction, supporting existing and additional clients, and charting a course for future growth.

Take a deeper dive. Watch the interview with OceanX’s Kirsty Nicholls, Senior. Manager of Contact Center Operations of OceanX.

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