SingleComm Case Study

SSG & Advance Local: IVR as the money-saving MVP

The situation

Support Services Group (SSG) and its client Advance Local serve millions of Americans through its media groups, technology services, and marketing agencies. The companies spent significant time interacting with customers to manage newspaper subscriptions and delivery, including stop and start vacation holds and payment issues, requiring additional (and costly) human resources.

SSG & Advanced Local

The challenge

Support Services came to SingleComm with a big need and a small time frame: Advance Local needed to implement a robust IVR system to increase customer satisfaction without increasing agent headcount. And they needed it yesterday. Make that the day before yesterday.

The system would need to connect seamlessly with its CRM to handle inbound subscriber interactions such as vacation stops, subscription options, problems with deliveries, and customer questions, as well as outbound communications, including balances due and inclement weather notifications–specific to subscribers’ geographic location.

“Out-of-the-box software solutions fell short as none had exactly what we wanted,” said [name]. “We were tired of trying to cobble together platforms and being disappointed with the results. Plus we needed to get this solution up and running fast.” Bottom line: SSG and Advance Local needed some good news in the form of an all-in-one time-saving, cost-reducing solution from SingleComm.

SSG & Advanced Local
Customized, robust IVR solution.

The solution

SingleComm delivered what SSG and Advance Local needed–and then some–with the IVR solution they wanted in weeks instead of months.

The self-service IVR enabled the companies to manage more than 60% of both inbound and outbound client calls. It was also customizable to the companies’ needs, delivering just what they wanted–much like they deliver the news.


60% of communications
managed by IVR


6 week turnaround time

The results

By automating delivery and payment communications, SSG and Advance Local reduced agent load, lowered overhead and staffing costs, and greatly reduced human error. In addition to reducing the number of agents needed and freeing up agents to handle more sophisticated issues, the IVR increased customer satisfaction with proactive communications.

“We needed the best solution in the shortest time, and SingleComm really came through,” says [name]. “By providing us a robust, customized solution, we were able to save money now and in the future–which is becoming increasingly important in these economic times.”

Born out of a need in the marketplace, SingleComm was built from the ground up by contact center professionals. With decades of experience, SingleComm helps companies do more for less through the industry’s most affordable, powerful CCaaS solution.

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Increased customer satisfaction


Decreased agent workload

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