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Contact Center Software Simplicity and Security in Atlanta


Known as The Big Peach, Atlanta played an integral part in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. As the capital of Georgia, the city boasts diversity, historical significance, incredible gastronomy, and plenty of sun. Since the invention of Coca Cola, its economy hasn’t stopped booming. With a force of nearly three million employees, Atlanta’s main industries include telecommunications, scientific and technical services, as well as health care and social assistance.

Home to over six million residents, Atlanta is one of the most populous cities in the United States. With competitive wages and affordable living options, the city continues to develop its population and commerce opportunities. As such, call centers in Georgia’s capital are increasingly significant for a range of corporations. Luckily, SingleComm provides an all-in-one software solution for businesses looking to scale up in Atlanta.

SingleComm: Welcome to the power of one.


SingleComm offers the most powerful, affordable call and contact center software in the industry. As the only call center software provider created and run by contact center professionals, SingleComm understands the unique challenges and the diverse needs of call centers. SingleComm’s SinglePane approach delivers an all-in-one customer experience platform that’s intuitive, efficient, and highly scalable. It’s perfect for WFH and in-center agents, as it works with just an internet connection and a browser, anywhere in the world.

With no-programming workflows, advanced ACD, and real-time analytics, SingleComm decreases agent stress while increasing customer satisfaction. Our unified desktop makes it easy for agents to access necessary information without having to jump from one screen or app to another. This increases agent workflow and productivity while reducing AHT and cost. Most importantly, it provides customers a seamless experience.

The result: 100% security compliance.

SingleComm securely hosts all customer data in the cloud with HTTP and WebSocket endpoints. All forms of communication—whether through SMS, email, omnichannel chat, or telephone—exceed security compliance requirements. Especially when it comes to the health care sector, every time a patient is contacted, SingleComm ensures HIPAA compliance. The cloud-based tool adheres to government regulations while securely accessing, capturing, and transmitting data. Whether in Atlanta or throughout the world, agents can securely engage with clients without having to worry about compromising their privacy.

Of course, that’s just one of many SingleComm benefits companies can enjoy by working with SingleComm. When it comes to empowering agents and maintaining patients’ confidentiality, SingleComm is the solution. Whether employees are working on-site or remotely in Atlanta, they can focus on effortlessly interacting with clients while increasing their productivity. It is the lowest-cost and highest-scalable telephone answering service and call center software that can be immediately integrated—no IT required. When it comes to excellence, SingleComm answers the call.

SingleComm: Empowering Atlanta’s best call center agents.

SingleComm is the obvious choice for virtual call center software solutions in Atlanta. Our software puts the right tools in front of agents through a single interface. It simplifies and secures necessary communication processes for agents. SingleComm effortlessly improves workflows, reduces operating costs, and maximizes contact center productivity.

Atlanta’s SingleComm call center solution ultimately offers:

  • Streamlined contact center software solutions that optimize agent productivity
  • New workforce solutions that maximize call center and TAS staff scheduling
  • Automated management of call center agents for optimal performance

SingleComm can help your Atlanta business thrive by streamlining everyday call center and TAS operations. With the most effective, affordable all-in-one software, this solution is a game-changer. To learn more, contact SingleComm today.

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