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Charlotte, North Carolina, is an ever-expanding metropolis. Known as the Queen City, it offers a temperate climate, affordable housing, vast educational opportunities, and an immense job market. While North Carolina used to be known for its textile and tobacco production, times have changed. In 2022 alone, the state has invested nearly $14 billion in economic development and opened almost 24 thousand jobs.

As one of the state’s largest cities, Charlotte has become a hub for knowledge-based industries, such as advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, financial services, and technology. With many companies racing to establish or grow their business in Charlotte, SingleComm claims the throne in aiding their expansion. Their all-in-one contact center software offers viable solutions for a wide range of talents and trades, especially for remote workers.

SingleComm: Welcome to the power of one.

SingleComm is a cloud-based software solution that offers exciting new opportunities for Charlotte businesses. Increase the consistency of customer interaction and improve overall customer satisfaction within a single desktop interface. SingleComm’s omnichannel ACD is entirely customizable, allowing call center agents to speak to customers in the most efficient way. For example, companies can reach their patrons by telephone, social media channels, or even apps—whatever works best for the customer.

This is all done through SingleComm’s SinglePane unified desktop, making it easy for agents to access necessary information without having to jump from one screen or app to another. This increases agent workflow and productivity while reducing AHT. Most importantly, it provides customers a seamless experience, influencing them to be loyal consumers.

The result: Increased call rate, retention and lifetime value.

For contact centers throughout the world, staying on top of their communication game is key to success. If agents aren’t productive, customers are left dissatisfied with the company as a whole. Aside from the SinglePane desktop, SingleComm offers a variety of tools so that agents can always perform optimally.

SingleComm allows businesses to put their best foot forward with the first person of contact. By employing skill and group-based routing, the cloud-based software ensures that the best fitted agents will handle communication in the most advantageous manner. Top agents will answer emails, respond to SMS messages, and route calls according to their skill set. These innovative tools boost agent performance and efficiency.

When agents reach peak performance, customers walk away happy. And it’s no secret that enhanced customer satisfaction ultimately leads to increased sales.

SingleComm: Raise your contact center game.

When it comes to virtual call center software solutions in Charlotte, SingleComm is the obvious choice. Their software puts the right employees in the right positions. By simplifying necessary communication processes for agents, SingleComm effortlessly improves workflows, reduces operating costs, and maximizes contact center productivity.

Charlotte’s SingleComm call center solution ultimately offers:

  • Streamlined contact center software solutions that optimize agent productivity
  • New workforce solutions that maximize call center staff scheduling
  • Automated management of call center agents for optimal performance

SingleComm’s call center software gives Charlotte businesses the chance to optimize and grow. With an all-in-one software solution, companies can scale their production in one of the United States’ most vibrant and commerce-focused cities. In the Queen City, SingleComm is the crown jewel of call center software for businesses.

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