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Revolutionary Call Center Software for the City’s Best Businesses


The home of ten-gallon hats and JR Ewing isn’t just one of the biggest cities in Texas. Dallas is also among the top-rated cities in the nation due to its business opportunities. Once a part of the Wild West, Dallas now gets so much big love because of its sophisticated technology. With flourishing corporations and inventive individuals, its sustainable job market is burgeoning. As new sectors continue to expand, the demand for call centers and TAS services is exponentially increasing.

At the heart of one of the nation’s best places to live and work is SingleComm. Offering the most powerful, affordable CCaaS platform around, SingleComm also provides the only cloud-native omnichannel solution for TAS amenities. For those using TAS in the call and contact center industry, it doesn’t get better than this.

SingleComm: Empowering agents.

Offering Dallas businesses a high degree of customization, SingleComm allows companies to create a variety of agent roles and agent configurations. It empowers agents to deliver exceptional customer experience with no need to install any hardware or software. The best part is that integrating SingleComm into your present contact center software is incredibly user-friendly. It also syncs within minutes, letting businesses move on to bigger projects quicker.

SingleComm answers the call for excellence, securely hosting all customer data in the cloud. It’s the lowest-cost and highest-scalable telephone answering service software that requires no IT. Frankly, SingleComm is the solution for agents in Dallas and beyond– no matter if they’re working from home or onsite.

The result: Reduce average call handle time by 20%

For the TAS space, SingleComm is there to serve Dallas’s call center agents. TAS, also known as a telephone answering service, is an outsourced assistance provider. By answering calls on behalf of a firm, the TAS poses as if they were based in that company’s office. When someone calls a business, they are greeted by a friendly voice and then asked to leave a message. The voicemails are then transcribed and sent back to the company via email or another preferred delivery method.

For Dallas-based businesses, there are many advantages to using a telephone answering service. First, a TAS company can manage all incoming calls 24/7, 365 days a year. There are no breaks, even during the holidays. Second, by taking care of all incoming calls, it saves agents time, reducing their workload and stress levels. Third, it helps to provide better customer service overall. Thanks to specialized training, as well as the ability to record calls and analyze metrics, it helps agents optimize their performance.

SingleComm: Implementing TAS and CCaaS. Good call.

SingleComm is revolutionary within the TAS industry. The telephone answering service platform offers unique features, including the only agent scripting, automated call forwarding, and voicemail-to-email options available in the industry. Plus, it’s the first cloud-native solution with omnichannel communications, making it the most powerful and innovative choice available.

By merging call and contact center software with TAS programs, SingleComm offers unparalleled communication solutions. This revolutionary platform helps avoid sending customers to voicemail or to a receptionist before speaking with a staff member. It also reduces call agent workload, boosts customer service scores, and improves staff efficiency and productivity. Most importantly, it helps focus on what matters most: business growth and success.

With SingleComm, companies in Dallas benefit from:

  • Mobile workforce management solutions that simplify remote agent management.
  • Revolutionary contact center software solutions that optimize agent productivity
  • New workforce solutions that maximize call center staff scheduling

SingleComm can easily help your business thrive by streamlining everyday call center operations. With the most effective, affordable all-in-one call center software, this solution is a game-changer. To learn more, contact SingleComm today.

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