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Innovative Call Center Software Solutions for Your Company’s Agents

Set amidst the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado is renowned for its spectacular outdoor panoramas and easygoing city vibes. Dating back to the Old West, its culture, live music, and art scenes are only a sample of the reasons why people are flocking to the Mile High City. Employing over 428,000 people, Denver is one of the United States’ best places for quality of life and commerce. The top industries include bioscience, IT software, aerospace, broadcasting, healthcare, and financial services.

In 2019, the median household income was $75,646, but this number is quickly changing. Nowadays, professionals in the health sector—such as anesthesiologists, surgeons, and obstetricians—can make over $250 thousand dollars a year. As Denver continues to expand, SingleComm’s all-in-one call center software is taking the city’s commerce to new heights.

By providing call centers with an all-in-one software solution, SingleComm’s cloud-based tool elevates businesses’ customer experience throughout Denver. With insights in real-time and improved agent workflows, it enables corporations to deliver exceptional communication and consumer satisfaction.

SingleComm: Supercharge analytics.

SingleComm’s cloud-based call center software helps businesses in diverse industries scale up beyond expectations. Our multi-channel strategies and customizable tools offer a myriad of benefits, including precise analytics like sales metrics. By providing automated graphs depicting sales trends over time, agents no longer have to deal with tedious tasks like maintaining spreadsheets.

SingleComm’s SinglePane interface is agent-friendly with customizable dashboards and reporting options. Call center employees can choose what their screen will look like with simple drag-and-drop tools or opt to choose from a variety of pre-built selections. With the ability to easily measure and analyze performance, the outcome is data-driven insight. Agents can quickly analyze what is working and what is not, better improving their service and customer engagement.

The result: Reduce average call handle time by more than 20%.

With SingleComm’s effective split testing tool, agents can test numerous offers, price points, and scripts. If something isn’t working optimally, they can change distributions instantly with the touch of a button. ACD tools like omnichannel chat and WebRTC allow for highly scalable voice. Automated FAQ responses allow agents to focus on providing the highest customer service experience possible. This allows for higher conversions, better retention, lower AHT, and more.

By improving Denver’s contact center agents’ workflow, their productivity skyrockets. Unwavering customer interaction means higher sales and happier employees. The average call handle time drops as the required training time for new agents is cut nearly in half. With SingleComm’s call center software, businesses can immediately scale up.

SingleComm: It’s all here in Denver.

The future of virtual call center software solutions lies within Denver, Colorado. It doesn’t matter whether a company does business in a traditional office or with remote workers scattered throughout the city. By combining this with stellar telephone answering service software, SingleComm offers the best of both worlds. With their cloud-based tools, companies in Denver and beyond can maximize contact center agent productivity, improve workflows, and successfully reduce operating costs.

With SingleComm, companies in Denver and throughout the country receive:

  • Innovative contact center software solutions that optimize agent productivity
  • New workforce solutions that maximize call center staff scheduling
  • Mobile workforce management solutions that simplify remote agent management

Optimize your business like never before with SingleComm’s call center software. Learn how to increase your agents’ productivity—whether they work onsite or remotely—and watch your Denver business flourish. With this all-in-one cloud-platform solution, you and your company can thrive in one of the United States’ most sought-after cities. The future of call center software lies within SingleComm’s automated tools.

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