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Contact Center Software Illuminates Orlando’s Businesses


The City of Lights beams with opportunities for those seeking higher education, entertainment, and a solid economy. Home to Universal Studios and Disney World, Orlando, Florida is the tourist capital of all 50 states. With a diverse culture, strong sports community, warm weather, and celebration of the arts, it’s no wonder why people of all ages and backgrounds are moving toward the light.

Orlando’s booming population and flourishing tech corporations have proven that this city is the place to be for professionals. There are endless business prospects in the Happiest Place on Earth, with roughly 161,000 people in the work force. The city’s largest industries include tourism, Fintech, medical technology, gaming, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and many more. Physicians, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists can make upwards of $300,000 per year.

With Orlando’s exponential growth, it’s more important than ever that the city’s businesses properly manage their operations. With SingleComm’s innovative call center software, their cloud-based technology makes it simple for businesses and their employees to operate more efficiently and intelligently.

SingleComm: It’s all here.

SingleComm’s cloud-based software solution offers spectacular new ways for businesses to excel, no matter the industry. Developed by call center professionals who understand the challenges of running a company successfully, they offer tools for sales, healthcare tech, customer service, and TAS (telephone answering systems). No matter what your company aims to accomplish, SingleComm offers it all— intelligent call center analytics, automated contact distributors (ACDs), and expert workflow strategies. Created with your pain points in mind, their solutions will help your corporation shine.

When it comes to contact center software in Orlando, it doesn’t get better than SingleComm. Their customizable system merges agent-customer interface with ACD data with in real-time, providing a detailed observation of the user experience. By uniting call center information with cross-channel data, you’ll gain access to the most detailed analyses on the market. SingleComm helps you discover what is working— and what’s not— to amplify productivity, keep customers happy, and exponentially increase revenue.

The result: 100% AI-compatible, cloud-native calling software for call centers.

SingleComm offers Orlando businesses continuous AI integration. Their SinglePane interface presents automated rebuttals, FAQs, and triage tools, instantaneously giving Orlando’s call center agents the right answers to the right questions. With no need to shuffle through company handbooks or endless files, employees—whether working onsite or remotely— have more time to concentrate on interacting with their customers.

Aside from helping to provide the best customer service possible, SingleComm is also dedicated to streamlining companies. Wasting time essentially squanders profit and further opportunities. With their automated graphs, businesses no longer have to deal with the headache of updating and analyzing spreadsheets. SingleComm reveals sales metrics with advanced analytics, providing clarity on sales trends over time. Corporations no longer have to guess what products are selling better than others; instead, they can instantly change course and make the most of their investments.

SingleComm: Welcome to the power of one.

Every day, Orlando continues to introduce new business opportunities to countless entrepreneurs and employees. With unparalleled virtual call center software solutions and telephone answering service software, SingleComm is igniting a new vision of how work should be done. They support individuals, businesses, and multiple contact centers in Orlando and around the globe.

Ultimately, SingleComm’s call center solution offers Orlando:

  • Innovative contact center software solutions that optimize agent productivity
  • Mobile workforce management solutions that simplify remote agent management
  • New workforce solutions that maximize call center staff scheduling

SingleComm’s call center software gives your business an edge on the competition, helping you exceed Orlando customer’s expectations. Their all-in-one software solutions are making the City of Lights—and your business— shine even brighter. Learn about the power of SingleComm by scheduling a demo today.

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