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Located along the Ohio River on the west side of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is deeply rooted in the steel industry. Known as “The City of Steel,” Pittsburgh’s 19th century industrial boom of coal mining and mass steel production attracted blue collar workers from across the United States and Europe. The convergence of three major rivers, known as “The Point,” has long made Pennsylvania’s second-largest city a prime hub for trade and travel. By looking at the ingenuity of its 446 bridges, it’s easy to see that Yinzers, or Pittsburgh natives, are always moving toward the next best thing.

Steeped in cultural diversity and an insatiable innovative spirit, the workforce in Pittsburgh is currently over 1.2 million people. It is home to world-renowned companies, such as Heinz, Duolingo, Wesco International, and American Eagle Outfitters. Its economy spans from Sports and Entertainment (think Pittsburgh Steelers) to Health Technology. Nonetheless, its primary industries are Office and Administrative Support, Sales, and Management, making SingleComm an essential service for the city’s occupations.

With affordable real estate, excellent universities like Carnegie Mellon, and competitive Mid-Atlantic salaries, The City of Steel is an attractive option for individual employees and growing businesses alike. Its surging opportunities are met with SingleComm’s approach to simplifying customer service operations. With our cutting-edge call and contact center software, we make expanding commerce in The City of Steel easier than ever.

Level Up and Scale Down with SingleComm

Employers and managers in a city like Pittsburgh know that there is no wiggle room when it comes to business. Companies must be smart, dynamic, and ahead of the game. SingleComm’s call and contact center software assists organizations like yours to level up on production, efficiency, and sales. At the same time, we help you scale down on unnecessary expenditures.

As you may be aware, one of the major costs businesses incur is bringing on new employees. With an average base of $5,000 to $7,000 spent on hiring and training new hires, companies across the country are wasting valuable resources. With our call and contact center software implemented, you can easily cut down agent training times by 50 percent. While slashing training length and cost, you’ll simultaneously improve agents’ communication and efficiency.

SingleComm Empowers Pittsburgh’s Call Center Agents

Our cloud-based call center software solution helps companies rise above the competition by helping their agents reach optimal efficiency. By providing suggested scripts, clients’ history, and other necessary information on one screen, our single pane interface empowers agents to assist customers compassionately and effectively.

Our software simplifies multifaceted communication processes and puts the best employees in the right positions according to their strengths and qualifications. SingleComm helps call center agents in Pittsburgh achieve their potential with automatic contact distribution (ACD), workflow assistance, and real-time analytics. When your employees have the best tools at their fingertips, they can outperform the best version of themselves—and exceed the most demanding customers’ expectations.

SingleComm: Your Comprehensive Call and Contact Center Solution

When it comes to on-site and virtual call and contact center software in Pittsburgh, SingleComm brings in the results. SingleComm effortlessly reduces operating costs, improves workflows, and maximizes call center agent productivity.

Overall, Pittsburgh’s SingleComm call center solution offers:

  • Automated management of call center agents for optimal performance
  • New workforce solutions that maximize call center staff scheduling
  • Streamlined contact center software solutions that optimize agent productivity

SingleComm’s CCaaS solution gives Pittsburgh businesses the ability to grow without roadblocks or limits. With an all-in-one solution, companies can easily and effectively level up their production in one of the United States’ most thriving industrious cities.

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