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In the 1800s, guava trees flourished in Tampa, giving the city its moniker of The Big Guava. Much has changed in the last two centuries, however, and the city is now known for a lot more than its flora. With beach access and lovely tropical weather, this municipality of more than 400,000 people is one of the most affordable in the U.S.

A formidable business and financial center in the Gulf Coast of the United States, Tampa employs nearly 3.5 million people. Its most popular industries include aerospace and aviation, advanced manufacturing, digital technology, and health care technology. With the help of SingleComm’s innovative call center software, Tampa has easily launched itself above the competition.

SingleComm: Raise your contact center game.

SingleComm is a cloud-based software that offers companies an all-in-one contact center solution. With improved insights and agent workflows, it enables Tampa businesses to better interact with customers and improve their efficiency. SingleComm provides exciting new opportunities for call centers—whether based onsite or through remote workers— that are helping Tampa economically flourish.

SingleComm’s unique features include improved workflows, analytics, and ACD. The platform’s customizable workflows promote consistent customer interaction and overall satisfaction. With sales metrics analytics, agents are increasing their productivity by not having to deal with tedious tasks like managing spreadsheets. Drag-and-drop guided interactions are quickly transformed into dynamic workflows.

The result: Higher customer satisfaction, significant savings and 100% security compliance.

Along with decreasing AHT and skyrocketing sales, agents in Tampa and beyond can work more efficiently with the help of SingleComm’s analytics. SingleComm’s ACD, WebRTC, and omnichannel chats provide highly scalable voice, further improving customer service. By using secured HTTP and WebSocket endpoints, SMS and email are optimized with built-in A/B and multivariate testing tools. Omnichannel routing metrics and agent-customer interactions data can be found in real-time with comprehensive reporting. SingleComm offers these powerful tools, supporting multiple contact centers and their remote agents around Tampa and around the globe.

SingleComm’s virtual call center software and telephone answering service solutions offer the benefits businesses need for unparalleled results. Privacy is crucial, and with certified and compliant PCI, SOC 2, and HIPAA tools, companies can easily and securely maintain sensitive financial and medical information.

SingleComm: Tampa’s best call center software.

SingleComm maximizes contact center agents’ productivity, improves workflows, and ensures security compliance. SingleComm’s virtual call center software solutions are changing the way Tampa corporations are operating their call centers, allowing their employees to work smarter. SingleComm empowers agents, lowers business costs, and increases profits.

With SingleComm, companies are tapping into:

  • New workforce solutions that maximize call center staff scheduling
  • Revolutionary contact center software solutions that optimize agent productivity
  • Mobile workforce management solutions that simplify remote agent management

SingleComm’s all-in-one call center software gives businesses the chance to optimize their workflow and scale up productivity. By giving Tampa agents access to dynamic triage tools and workflows, they’ll have the right information at the right time— helping conduct business in the most efficient manner possible. Hands down, SingleComm is the most innovative call center software on the market.

No matter what industry your company is in, SingleComm offers the best call center software solution available. Schedule a demo today and discover how you can raise your contact center game.

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