Talent, Tech and TAS: How Telephone Answering Services Are Using Call Center Software to Thrive During The Great Recession

In today’s workplace, hiring exceptional talent has become an impossible task for Telephone Answering Service (TAS) companies.

With the Great Resignation showing no signs of easing, companies realize the challenge of building an exceptional team. Even after hiring, companies can lose agents to burnout caused by high call volume–not to mention high stress.

So how do you build an efficient, reliable TAS business without onboarding additional, difficult-to-find talent?

By turning your attention to virtual call center software and automation tools that empower your team to deliver incredible results.

Hiring for Telephone Answering Service Cloud based software

The Costly Conundrum That Challenges TAS Companies

With unprecedented labor shortages, TAS companies realize hiring is taking longer than expected. This shortfall in human resources leads to:

  • Slower growth
  • Overworked agents
  • Unsatisfied customers

Of course, hiring talent is just the beginning. Companies are also tasked with retaining top employees. According to a study by Microsoft, more than 40% of the global workforce is considering leaving their jobs. Employees want to feel valued without feeling overworked.

This presents a challenge when call agents feel worn down with reduced staffing, high call volumes, multiple handoffs, confusing scripts, and time-consuming tasks.

It’s a costly conundrum.

But the solution doesn’t have to be hiring and the attendant months-long wait to bring on team members that may eventually lead to more turnover, more risk of burnout, and more lost revenue.

The modern, recession-proof solution is in empowering talent through tech.

The Focus On Automation

As stated in the Harvard Business Review, better retention comes from improving employee satisfaction and reducing environmental pressures.

Advanced automation accomplishes this by elevating your team’s performance, making them feel valuable and confident while also relieving environmental pressures. Instead of looking for outside help, agents feel like they have the technology to exceed customer expectations.

Your team will be able to do more for less without the need to invest in IT resources, licenses, and more.

With cloud-based automation tools thanks to software for contact centers, agents no longer have a need for softphones, VPNs, and remote desktop servers. Some of this Cloud architecture also includes built-in resilience and PCI, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance.

Improved retention comes from finding ways to support and empower your agents with seamless tools. It’s an opportunity to do more with optimized efficiency.

Start Doing More With Less

Implementing advanced Cloud-based tools for your business elevates your team’s performance and efficiency while other companies wait to hire.

There are several key time-saving automation tools that are reinvigorating call agents and improving workplace efficiency. These include:

  • Personalized Scripts Empower agents with customized messages that help them easily and confidently navigate scripts while decreasing agent training/ramp-up time
  • Automatic Dispatching Eliminate agent error with automatic dispatching that frees them up to do more of what they do best: support and represent your clients
  • Omnichannel Strategy Use a TAS solution that offers a fully integrated suite of digital channels, including web chat, two-way SMS, two-way email, social, and messaging channels
  • Business Intelligence Employ a business intelligence (BI) tool that offers custom reporting without the need for programmers 

Leveraging these cloud-based automation tools is simple with SingleComm. SingleComm, a leader in call and contact center software, is the first and only provider that delivers these solutions in a single, powerful platform. With the first all-in-one Cloud TAS Solution, your team will have the automation tools and confidence to deliver exceptional results.

It offers your organization the opportunity to pursue actionable customer insight that allows your team to work smarter, more coherently, without waiting for another hire to arrive.

Curious how the first Cloud TAS Solution creates seamless automation and exceeds customer expectations?

Learn more at www.singlecomm.com.

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