5 Ways Top Sales Teams Win in the Age of the Consumer

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A new report from Salesforce Research examines how the role of sales is changing and highlights new approaches replacing traditional sales pitches in order to meet consumer expectations for instant, tailored, “always-on” sales. According to the research, which included a survey of more than 3,100 global sales professionals, high performing sales teams (those that significantly increased year-over-year revenue) are 2.9 times more likely than underperformers to strongly agree their company is available to customers anytime.

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AI in the Contact Center

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Much of what we associate with artificial intelligence (AI) – namely, robots taking over the world and replacing humans – is more sci-fi that reality. But a recent Forester report suggests there may be something to fear. Within five years robots and so-called intelligent agents will eliminate many positions in customer service, trucking and taxi services, amounting to 6 percent of jobs.

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Better than Real-Time Data: Real-Time Decision Making

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For decades, companies have realized the benefits of mining data in order to make business-critical decisions: things like how many units were sold, how many customers called about a specific issue, even the times of day social media posts are most successful. Today businesses have more data than ever, thanks to omni channel communications and the Internet of Things. And, when utilized appropriately, this data can further guide strategies, plans and forecasts for the future.

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How Real-time Information Can Impact Customer Experience

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When a customer calls, chances are it’s not to list all the ways he is satisfied with your product and/or service. Let’s face it, most calls are from people who are looking for information, or are upset or unhappy for any number of reasons. The first few moments of any call are critical for setting the tone not only for the interaction, but also the customer’s overall experience with your company.

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How QA Automation Can Increase Efficiencies

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You’ve likely invested significant resources in your contact center’s quality assurance team. After all, their work enhances your business’ overall customer experience while helping to increase agent efficiency and reduce unnecessary spending. With agents making thousands of calls each day, and customer contacts growing to include social media and other channels, spot-checking calls at random is no longer sufficient.

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Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty Are Not the Same Thing

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Sue is a loyal customer at the corner coffee shop. She buys a large Americano with cream on her way to work every morning. She knows the baristas, and the stop is part of her routine. But Sue’s customer satisfaction survey reveals she is dissatisfied with several aspects of her daily brew, including price and the serving sizes.

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Diving into the Customer Journey

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The topic of the consumer journey is front and center at this year’s Response Expo in San Diego April 25 – 27, where it will be highlighted in a series of six sessions. According to the event’s agenda, “With consumers asserting more control than ever over how, when, and where they receive your marketing messages, Response Expo tackles the biggest topic in marketing: The Consumer Journey.”

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How Contact Center Data Can Improve Customer Experience

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In the past, gaining insight into your business’ customer experience (Cx) was a matter of evaluating static, one-dimensional encounters. Today, omni-channel communications – from phone and email to live chat and mobile...

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2017 is the Year Call Centers Should Adopt WebRTC

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Providing true Omni-channel customer experience represents a real challenge for contact centers today. It requires not only meeting customers where they are – live chat, mobile, email, phone and more – but also being prepared to efficiently and effectively serve them there.

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The 4 Questions that Define Your Brand

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Coke. Nike. Apple. These companies’ names and logos conjure images, provoke emotions and stick in our minds. The reason for this, quite simply, is branding. Based on cattle brands from the days of the Wild West, branding has evolved to encompass much more than a business’ logo and tagline.

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Real-Time Testing Yields Real Results

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A/B testing, or split or bucket testing, is not a new concept. Marketers have been using this method to compare two versions of everything from direct mailers and newspaper ads to landing and web pages for decades in order to determine which vehicle performs better when it comes to converting customers.

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How Process Mapping Creates Real Results

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Using visuals to help learn or better understand a concept is not new. Anyone who has taught a child to count has used blocks, crayons, or toys to represent 1, 2 and 3. Visualization is a major part of Six Sigma, a data-driven approach to reducing process errors and redundancy, and companies of all sizes use process mapping to understand – and improve – the customer experience.

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Are you Making this Mistake when Creating Call Center Scripts?

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Effective scripts are the backbone of every successful call center. Whether for generating sales or serving customers, the best scripts make it possible for agents to sound conversational, yet professional, and they strike the perfect balance between warmth and efficiency. Ross Krisel, EVP Sales and Marketing, has more than 15 years of experience in the call center industry.

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