A Clouded Issue: Assessing Cloud-Native vs. Cloud-Enabled Technology

You would never put a sports car body on a compact car frame. They just don’t fit well together. So why place a retrofit cloud solution on a web-based or on-premises foundation?

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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal


cloud call center software

Although cloud solutions are growing in popularity and can be implemented quickly and efficiently, some organizations are opting for cloud-enabled adoption rather than cloud-native implementation.

The problem?

Retrofitted cloud technology creates complications that significantly slow processes and impact cost savings. Bottom line: a reduced bottom line benefit.

Cloud-native is different from cloud-enabled and arguably better. Cloud-native technology is built and deployed in the cloud, enabling processes to move faster, smarter, better.

Cloud-enabled technology, on the other hand, is “bolted” on to existing legacy structures. It’s a retrofit that’s often built on unstable and outmoded technology platforms. 

Going All In With a Cloud-Native Approach

Cloud-enabled technology is sometimes touted as more efficient since it incorporates current resources into its upgraded designs. But retrofitting can leave gaps that create problems between software systems, resulting in uneven performance and crashes.

And when it comes to making additional cloud-enabled updates, the process is more manual, causing more work, disruptions and shutdowns.

So if you are looking for a strategy that will provide a smoother transition experience with fewer areas for possible failure, cloud-native is the way to go. It is also:

  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Adaptable

By taking full advantage of the cloud by utilizing an approach that is specifically tailored to your cloud experience, you can drive down costs across the lifespan of the system.

Cloud-native architecture is also highly scalable and helps with business process automation. This allows contact centers to focus more on strategy and developing business opportunities that can lead to future growth.

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