How SingleComm’s Omnichannel Services Can Grow Your Business

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If you feel that customers are pulling on you from every direction, and you’re struggling to keep up– you’re not alone. As the only contact center solutions provider created by industry professionals, we get it. We’ve walked the walk, and it can be a bumpy path without the right tools.

It seems that a new social media platform is popping up every day. Your customer service agents are overwhelmed trying to keep up, and customers need responses yesterday. The truth is, if you’re not responding right away, another company is. The good news is that you don’t need to stay up 24/7 or staff agents round the clock to keep your agents focused or your clients loyal. But you do need to level up your contact center services. With SingleComm, you don’t have to sacrifice anything to efficiently run your business. We’ve designed a way to communicate with customers when– and how– they prefer.

Read on to learn how our omnichannel software helps you deliver unparalleled customer service – and boosts agent efficiency and satisfaction.

What is omnichannel communication, exactly?

Once upon a time, it was common for your clients simply to call customer service when they needed help. However, times have changed. Maintaining a single-channel approach—such as only using a phone line or email— is outdated and can potentially lead to losing clients. Consumers want– even demand– to communicate via various touch points according to what’s most convenient or comfortable for them.

What is omnichannel communication? It means being able to seamlessly connect with your clients in a variety of ways– a.k.a. channels. Today’s consumers will likely start engaging with your business on one platform (for example, that Facebook ad you recently published) and end their transaction on another (like your company website). Our industry-leading, cloud-native platform allows you to respond to each text, social media comment, or email within a single platform, rather than manually responding to each message. You also have the option to automate responses to your customers, letting them know that a specialist will contact them as soon as possible.

How Omnichannel Contact Center Software Addresses Your Problems

It’s crucial to reach your clients no matter how they choose to contact you. This is important, but it’s not the only problem you need to address. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Our omnichannel contact center software will help you streamline your business in so many more ways.

Integration with Multiple Channels

With our software, you can seamlessly manage communications from all channels via a single unified desktop. These include social media channels, email, phone, chatbots, live chats, WhatsApp, SMS, and more. You can implement service-level agreements (or SLAs) for each channel to track each one’s performance.

By bringing all these channels together in one platform, your agents can better focus on providing your customers the service they deserve rather than clicking from one platform to another. After all, you want to treat your agents just as well as your clients. Help them help you.

Unified Agent Desktop

By providing access to multiple channels on a unified desktop, agents have a straightforward, user-friendly interface. This cuts down on overall training, increases clear communication, and decreases average handle time. Our software filters relevant messages, presenting agents only with customer service inquiries and automatically sending others to pertinent departments. This has allowed agents to reduce their resolve phase by up to 10 times, allowing them to work more efficiently.

In addition, managers can choose the number of relevant issues agents need to process immediately through SLA routing. This ensures that your specialists don’t have to waste time deciding which concern is the most pressing. Our omnichannel software was made to help drive fast and efficient customer service without even thinking about it.

To further enhance agent productivity, their entire conversation history will appear on the desktop, whether they chatted with the customer on one or eight different channels. With this information, agents can instantly familiarize themselves with the customer and provide a more tailored experience. Making that human connection was never so effortless.

Customer Journey Tracking

To better serve your clients, you need to know who they are and what they want. Our omnichannel services allow you to continuously track every part of your customer’s journey. Learn which ads they clicked, what posts they commented on, or which channel they prefer to use for communication. You can look at all these statistics in detail, according to medium and user.

We utilize Facebook and Twitter’s Customer Feedback tools to survey clients privately. You can choose between two user-friendly formats of questionnaires for your customers. These results will be exported into a PDF report that is the first of its kind. You can leverage this data to get to know each customer and anticipate their needs, building a personalized experience for everyone who contacts you.

In addition, every part of our omnichannel services is updated in real-time, so there is no need to refresh your browser or wait for crucial information to arrive. The less time your agents waste, the quicker you can resolve your customers’ issues.

Our omnichannel software lets you establish your company as thoughtful, efficient, and reliable. Excellent customer service is hard to come by, and this is a massive incentive for customer loyalty.


If your company has a contact center or handles customer service in any capacity, you’ll likely benefit from our omnichannel software. Consumers hop from one mode of communication to another, on various devices, throughout the day. It can get complicated, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Our mission is to help you cover every channel possible in the simplest ways.

You can provide your agents with the tools they need in real-time with a unified desktop that streamlines information from countless sources. When your customer service specialists are efficient and up-to-date, clients notice and stay loyal. Our multiple-channel integration also allows for superior customer journey tracking, allowing you to tailor their experience and feel seen as an individual.

Basically, our omnichannel solutions help you provide your agents with an easier workday and your customers with a better experience– instantly. When it comes to making business more straightforward and efficient, we are here to help.

To learn more about our omnichannel solutions, visit us at SingleComm to request a demo.

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