Importance of company culture in fostering a positive work environment

company culture

Culture is critical to the success of any company. Having leaders and employees aligned on core values results in a mutual trust that will benefit everyone. In this article, we will go over the following:

  • Defining company culture & deciding on core values
  • Key elements of a good company culture
  • Nurturing a good company culture
  • How SingleComm can help your culture

Defining company culture & deciding on core values

Company culture is an organization’s shared values, beliefs, attitudes, norms, and behaviors. The culture shapes the work environment and represents the personality and character of a company.

Company culture is also important for attracting and retaining talent. A great culture will encourage growth for your employees and create an environment where they can be productive and successful.

One size does not fit all when cultivating a culture, so what works for one company may not be ideal for yours. It is important to decide on core values as a leadership team that will represent the entire company.

When deciding on core values, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the purpose of my company beyond making a profit?
  • What principles should guide decision-making?
  • How should my company be perceived?
  • What kind of work environment do I want to foster?

The answers to the questions above can act as a north star in decision making. For example, when looking for new hires, you can use your values to gauge whether they will be a good fit within the company culture. Hiring people who do not have the same values or do not fit within the culture can create an identity crisis for your business.

Key elements of a good company culture

There are several key elements of a good culture which are:

  • Transparency and communication are vital to a company’s success and will build trust between leadership and employees. Both sides must be willing to accept honest feedback and change their actions accordingly. Communication is important in any company, especially today, with many companies having a remote aspect. Employees should have a clear understanding of their roles and should feel comfortable asking questions.
  • Values and purpose must be shared by everyone to maximize success. Leaders must instill a sense of purpose in their employees. Unsurprisingly, the world’s most successful businesses all have a mission aside from “make as much money as possible.” An inspiring mission will motivate team members to dig deep and do their best work.
  • Well-being and work-life balance are essential to maintaining company morale. Leadership should be flexible with working arrangements as much as possible and promote work-life balance. A great way to foster positivity amongst your employees is by giving them frequent opportunities to socialize with each other at work events.
  • Recognition and appreciation are crucial for the personal development of employees. Employees should be frequently acknowledged and rewarded for their positive contributions and achievements. Recognition programs set up by leadership can be a great way to ensure hard work and success do not go unnoticed at any level.

How to nurture a good company culture

Leadership must lead by example to nurture a good company culture and embody company values. Failure to do so will affect the rest of the company as employees will model their behaviors after leadership.

Leaders must foster a collaborative environment. Working together will produce the best results, and teamwork should be encouraged whenever necessary. The work environment should also be inclusive and supportive of personal growth.

Opportunity and growth are essential to the well-being of employees and will help retain talent. It is important to offer career advancement opportunities and mentorship programs. Investing in employee training will also ensure that your team is well-equipped to succeed in their roles.

Great leaders never stop growing. They will actively seek employee feedback and make the necessary changes to improve. This can be accomplished by conducting surveys, focus groups, or one-on-one discussions to gather input.

How SingleComm can help your culture

The tools you use to run your business make an impact on the kind of culture you build. Trust and transparency are essential for fostering a positive company culture. With SingleComm’s real-time reporting features, contact center managers don’t have to watch over their employees’ shoulders to see what they are doing or have constant check-ins with remote agents. They can review calls on the recording feature to identify agents that might need additional training and on the other end of the spectrum reward high performers that have a higher than average FCR rate.

SingleComm was built by contact center professionals for contact center professionals. Our robust feature set empowers your agents and helps your business run more efficiently. Schedule a time to learn more about SingleComm by clicking the link below.

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We wish you luck creating a culture that will lead to great success!

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