Must-Have Features for Your Healthcare Contact Center

Today’s technology makes it possible for your healthcare contact center to address a broader spectrum of needs than ever before. Your contact center plays a critical role in improving the patient experience and ensures that your agents can connect patients to providers efficiently and securely.
Healthcare contact center

Key functions of the contact center in your healthcare organization

Contact center dispatching systems allow agents to facilitate various functions essential to your healthcare facility’s operation.

Connections / Main number patient information directory

To enable loved ones to reach patients inside your facility, contact center systems integrate with your patient information system via HL7 for up-to-date routing and seamless transferring. Customer service agents can track patient location and route calls successfully, even as patients are moved from room to room as their care requires.

Connecting callers to their healthcare providers

Patients get frustrated if they can’t quickly schedule appointments, reach their providers, or resolve billing questions. Contact center agents play a huge role in patient experience by facilitating communications between patients and medical staff, taking patient messages, and performing intakes.

Provide callers with automated tools for successful appointment scheduling

With tools like AI-assisted appointment reminders and calendar sync, the latest contact center platforms use automation to significantly ease the pain of appointment-making and reduce instances of no-shows.

Code alerts

Contact center agents can instantly send personnel, location, or shift-specific alerts on multiple channels via code alert dispatching to speed up response times and improve patient outcomes. 

Billing and payment capture

Agents keep patient insurance, billing, and residence information up to date. Agents also securely collect sensitive payment information to ensure bills are paid.

Critical features to look for in your healthcare facility’s contact center software

To get the most out of your contact centers dispatching service, ensure it has the following features and capabilities.

Secure messaging and integrations with other secure messaging apps

Whether conforming to HIPAA compliance standards, sending patient info safely through secure message applications, or taking credit card payments in your call center, your platform must meet the rigorous standards of SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI regulations. Dispatching systems must have features that allow healthcare staff to capture, send, and exchange PHI (Protected Health Information) via secure, encrypted communications channels.

On-call scheduling

A robust On-Call module provides agents with up-to-date information, including doctor-on-call and contact information, so they can quickly and accurately relay messages to the appropriate medical staff member.

Integration to EMR (Electronic Medical Records )

Agents need access to your EMR platform to track patient location, answer patient questions, and append notes and phone calls directly to the patient records.

Custom scripts and dynamic workflows

Robust scripting tools allow organizations or “your team” to build custom workflows for agents to follow when speaking with patients. Prompts are provided to agents instantly via dynamic workflows that steer the call journey based on information collected during patient calls. These features empower agents to handle calls quickly and effectively coordinate with medical offices to help meet patients’ needs.

SingleComm: the most powerful and flexible solution for your healthcare contact center

Hospitals’ responsibilities have expanded dramatically in recent years. Whether connecting urgent calls from patients to providers, routing inbound calls from loved ones to patients, or easing the difficulty of scheduling and confirming appointments, SingleComm gives you the tools to meet your patients’ and their families’ ever-expanding expectations. SingleComm’s advanced feature set and cloud-native architecture will help you meet the needs of today and enable you to capitalize on future opportunities.

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